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Practice Exams | Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 Certification | Free Udemy Course
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Practice Exams | Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 Certification | Free Udemy Course

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2 Sample exam papers - Do them exactly within the time limit to guage your prep for the Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 exam | Free Udemy Course

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This course includes:
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If you are looking for a practice test for the Oracle Database SQL Exam Number: 1Z0-071, then you are at the right place.This is a set of two practice tests, based on the same format as the actual test. To make the most out of these tests, the following settings are recommended:Try to setup an exam-like environment - find a place with good network connectivity where you can work without distractions for 2 hoursSet the timer - do the practice test in exactly 2 hours i.e. the same duration that you get in the actual examGive one test and analyze your performance - Find out what type of questions were marked wrong, what type of questions took too long to solveRevise - based on your analysis, revise the topics and plan which type of questions you will skip to save timeGive the second testWhat is Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 Certification?Become an Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate and demonstrate understanding of fundamental SQL concepts needed to undertake any database project. Passing the exam illustrates depth of knowledge of SQL and its use when working with the Oracle Database server. Gain a working knowledge of queries , insert, update and delete SQL statements as well as some Data Definition language and Data Control Language, the optimizer, tales and indexes, data modeling and normalization. What is the format of the Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 exam?The exam is multiple choice type with 78 questions. To pass the exam, a candidate must score more than 63% marks. Candidates get 2 hours/ 120 minutes to attempt these questions. You must go through multiple mock exams to familiarize yourself with the exam structure. Most often, you will face questions that have multiple correct answers; or some scenario-based questions.What is the benefit of Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 Certification?By passing this exam, a certified individual proves fluency in and a solid understanding of SQL language, data modeling and using SQL to create and manipulate tables in an Oracle Database. Qualified candidates have knowledge of general computing concepts, knowledge of command line interfaces and experience working in command line.What is the syllabus of Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071 Certification exam?Below is the list of topics covered in this exam:Relational Database conceptsExplaining the theoretical and physical aspects of a relational databaseRelating clauses in SQL Select Statement to Components of an ERDExplaining the relationship between a database and SQLRetrieving Data using the SQL SELECT StatementUsing Column aliasesUsing The SQL SELECT statementUsing concatenation operator, literal character strings, alternative quote operator, and the DISTINCT keywordUsing Arithmetic expressions and NULL values in the SELECT statementRestricting and Sorting DataApplying Rules of precedence for operators in an expressionLimiting Rows Returned in a SQL StatementUsing Substitution VariablesUsing the DEFINE and VERIFY commandsSorting DataUsing Single-Row Functions to Customize OutputManipulating strings with character functions in SQL SELECT and WHERE clausesPerforming arithmetic with date dataManipulating numbers with the ROUND, TRUNC and MOD functionsManipulating dates with the date functionUsing Conversion Functions and Conditional ExpressionsApplying the NVL, NULLIF, and COALESCE functions to dataUnderstanding implicit and explicit data type conversionUsing the TO_CHAR, TO_NUMBER, and TO_DATE conversion functionsNesting multiple functionsReporting Aggregated Data Using Group FunctionsRestricting Group ResultsCreating Groups of DataUsing Group FunctionsDisplaying Data from Multiple TablesUsing Self-joinsUsing Various Types of JoinsUsing Non equijoinsUsing OUTER joinsUnderstanding and Using Cartesian ProductsUsing Subqueries to Solve QueriesUsing Single Row SubqueriesUsing Multiple Row SubqueriesUpdate and delete rows using correlated subqueriesUsing SET OperatorsMatching the SELECT statementsUsing the ORDER BY clause in set operationsUsing The INTERSECT operatorUsing The MINUS operatorUsing The UNION and UNION ALL operatorsManaging Tables using DML statementsManaging Database TransactionsControlling transactionsPerform Insert, Update and Delete operationsPerforming multi table InsertsPerforming Merge statementsManaging Indexes Synonyms and SequencesManaging IndexesManaging SynonymsManaging SequencesUse DDL to manage tables and their relationshipsDescribing and Working with TablesDescribing and Working with Columns and Data TypesCreating tablesDropping columns and setting column UNUSEDTruncating tablesCreating and using Temporary TablesCreating and using external tablesManaging ConstraintsManaging ViewsManaging ViewsControlling User AccessDifferentiating system privileges from object privilegesGranting privileges on tablesDistinguishing between granting privileges and rolesManaging Objects with Data Dictionary ViewsUsing data dictionary viewsManaging Data in Different Time ZonesWorking with CURRENT_DATE, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,and LOCALTIMESTAMPWorking with INTERVAL data typesWho this course is for:SQL learners and developers appearing for Oracle 1Z0-071 Certification

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