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Python For Data Engineering 2023 Edition  | Discount Coupon for Udemy Course
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Python For Data Engineering 2023 Edition | Discount Coupon for Udemy Course

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Understanding Data Engineering | Discount Coupon for Udemy Course

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Last updated 4/2023Course Language EnglishCourse Caption English [Auto]Course Length 09:21:17 to be exact 33677 seconds!Number of Lectures 33
This course includes:
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Are you interested in learning Python, one of the most popular programming languages out there? If yes, then the Python course on Udemy might be perfect for you. In this course, you'll learn Python from the very basics to advanced concepts. This course is a part of Data Engineering, and you can also explore Linux and Spark/Databricks in upcoming courses.Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax is easy to learn and understand. Python is dynamically-typed and garbage-collected. It supports multiple programming paradigms, including structured, object-oriented, and functional programming. Python has a comprehensive standard library and is often described as a "batteries included" language.Guido van Rossum created Python in the late 1980s as a successor to the ABC programming language, and it was first released in 1991 as Python 0.9.0. Python 2.0 was released in 2000 and introduced new features such as list comprehensions, cycle-detecting garbage collection, reference counting, and Unicode support. Python 3.0, released in 2008, was a major revision that is not completely backward-compatible with earlier versions. Python 2 was discontinued in version 2.7.18 in 2020.This Python course covers the following topics in detail:Language Fundamentals - Learn about variables, data types, operators, and expressions.Operators - Explore arithmetic, comparison, logical, and assignment operators.Input and Output Statements - Learn how to take input from the user and display output on the screen.Flow Control - Learn about conditional statements and loops.Pattern Applications for Logic Building - Learn how to build patterns using loops and conditional statements.Strings - Explore string operations such as slicing, concatenation, and formatting.String Programming Questions for Logic Building - Solve programming questions related to strings.List Data Structure - Learn about the list data structure and its methods.Tuple Data Structure - Explore the tuple data structure and its methods.Set Data Structure - Learn about the set data structure and its methods.Dictionary Data Structure - Explore the dictionary data structure and its methods.Functions - Learn how to define and call functions.Modules - Explore modules and how to import them into your Python program.Packages - Learn how to create and use packages in Python.Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) - Learn about classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism.Exception Handling - Learn how to handle errors and exceptions in your Python program.Logging Module - Learn how to use the logging module to log events in your Python program.Assertions - Learn how to use assertions to check conditions in your Python program.File Handling - Learn how to read from and write to files in Python.Object Serialization by using PICKLE, JSON, and YAML - Learn how to serialize Python objects using these popular formats.Decorators - Explore decorators and how to use them to modify the behavior of functions.Generators - Learn how to create and use generators to generate sequences of values.In conclusion, the Python course on Udemy is a comprehensive course that covers all the important topics related to Python. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of Python programming and be able to build your own Python programs. So, why wait? Enroll in the course today and start your journey toward becoming a Python programmer.Who this course is for:Engineering StudentSoftware Professionals

Course Content:

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2 Lectures | 04:37
2 Lectures | 21:00
4 Lectures | 01:13:34
1 Lectures | 19:06
1 Lectures | 16:50
1 Lectures | 31:14
1 Lectures | 26:01
4 Lectures | 02:25:17
3 Lectures | 01:09:50
1 Lectures | 09:58
4 Lectures | 57:23
9 Lectures | 01:26:27
(81 course ratings)






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FAQ: Udemy Free course Most frequent questions and answers

Does Udemy offer Free Udemy coupons?

Yes, Udemy is the largest online education platform, with the broadest selection of video-on-demand courses and qualified instructors available to meet your needs. At we curate the latest udemy coupons, their expiry, and the number of uses left of these udemy coupons.

How to get free Udemy courses?

There are two ways to get free Udemy courses:

  1. Go to and search for your desired course category. Then select free from the filter options.
  2. You can also get paid courses for free if you have a coupon. You can head to, where you can get a daily udemy paid course for free.

How to get Udemy Certificates for free?

Udemy offers certification on completion of each course. In order to receive a certificate of completion from Udemy, you need to complete your course 100%. There is a simple hack, you can open a video and jump on the timeline to complete a lecture.

To download the certificate from Udemy, you need to head over to your account on a desktop browser. Udemy certificates can't be accessed on the mobile app.

Do Udemy courses expire?

No, once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course. You can complete the course on your schedule.

Why are the Udemy instructors giving away free Udemy Coupons?

Every instructor has worked for hours on each of their courses. As new courses get launched, the instructors have no way to get their course in front of an audience to get some feedback. So, instructors share free coupons for their courses to get feedback from the students. We work with these instructors to get their courses available to our buddies.

Is Udemy safe to use?

Yes, payments on Udemy are safe. It is no different than paying for other services on an application or website and inputting your payment information before receiving your goods. Just be sure to keep your account secure, do not share your udemy accounts.

Can Udemy courses get you a job?

Earning a skill is more valuable than earning a job these days. Skills are your most valuable asset. They can help you qualify for jobs you want and get promoted to more advanced positions within your organization. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many people to balance taking courses with work and family obligations. We have had many students, who have taken just Udemy courses, started a job as well as started freelancing with the skills they have learned.