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Selenium Webdriver with Java & TestNG Testing Framework | Free Udemy Course
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Selenium Webdriver with Java & TestNG Testing Framework | Free Udemy Course

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Automation Testing using Selenium & TestNG | Free Udemy Course

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Last updated 2/2023Course Language EnglishCourse Caption English [Auto]Course Length 10:18:44 to be exact 37124 seconds!Number of Lectures 66
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This course will help all those who want to master in automation testing. It will help beginners to learn Selenium with Java coding skills in writing best optimized code for Automating test-cases. In this course, you will find everything about 1. Selenium Webdriver (Java) with examples 2. Eclipse Techniques 3. TestNG Framework 4. Core Java 5. How to write testcases and automate them using Selenium and TestNG framework. Students will learn how to use TestNG framework for testing. All basic concepts related to TestNG are covered in this course. Students will be able to create testcases based on the project they work on. Students will learn core Java concepts required for Selenium. Wherever basic Java concepts are needed, they are explained in simple words. By the end of the course, Students will be able to develop an awesome Test Automation framework. Students you can clear any Interview and can Lead Entire Selenium Automation Project from Design Stage. Topics covered in this course1. How To Hide Projects in Eclipse Package Explorer2. How To Add Maven Plugin in Eclipse | How To Add m2eclipse Plugin in Eclipse3. How To Add Dependencies in Maven Project in Eclipse | Add Selenium Dependency in pom.xml Eclipse4. How To Launch Browser Using Selenium Webdriver | Selenium Launch Chrome, Firefox, Edge Browser5. Selenium Locators Tutorial Part 1 | Selenium Locators with Examples | id, name, class name, link text6. Selenium Locators Tutorial Part 2 | Selenium Locators with Examples | css selector xpath in Selenium7. How To Handle Static Dropdown in Selenium | Static Dropdown in Selenium Webdriver using Java8. Selenium Checkbox Select | How To Handle Checkbox in Selenium Webdriver Java | How To Print List9. How To Handle Auto Suggestion Dropdown in Selenium | Auto Suggest Drop List in Selenium Webdriver10. How To Handle Multiple Radio Button in Selenium Webdriver | Selenium Radio Button Java11. Selenium Webdriver Handling iframes | How To Switch Frame in Selenium Webdriver using Java12. How To Handle Javascript Alert in Selenium Webdriver using Java | Selenium Javascript Alert Ok13. Eclipse Align Code Shortcut | How To Align Code in Eclipse | Eclipse Indentation Shortcut14. How To Debug in Eclipse using Breakpoints | Debugging in Eclipse Java Selenium Code Step by Step15. How To Achieve Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver | Implicit Wait | Explicit wait | Fluent Wait16. Implicit Wait in Selenium Webdriver | Selenium Implicit Wait Java Example | implicitlywait Selenium17. Explicit Wait in Selenium Webdriver Java | Selenium Explicit Wait | Implicit Wait vs WebDriverWait18. Fluent Wait in Selenium Webdriver Java with Example | Fluent Wait vs Implicit Wait vs Explicit Wait19. Selenium Mouse Actions Hover, Click, Double Click, Right Click | Mouse Actions in Selenium Webdriver20. Selenium Drag and Drop Java Code Example | Mouse Actions in Selenium Webdriver21. Selenium Keyboard Actions | Selenium Keyboard and Mouse Events | Selenium Keys Down Example22. How To Handle Insecure Connection / Untrusted Certificate Error in Selenium on Chrome, Firefox, Edge23. Selenium Add Extension To Chrome Browser At Runtime | Add Extension in Browser in Selenium Webdriver24. How To Set Proxy in Selenium Webdriver Java | Selenium Proxy Authentication | Selenium Proxy Setting25. How To Set Download Path in Chrome using Selenium Java26. How To Set Download Path in Firefox using Selenium Java27. How To Exit From Frame in Selenium | How To Switch To Default Frame in Selenium Webdriver28. How To Count Number of Frames in Selenium WebDriver Java29. How To Take Screenshot in Selenium Webdriver using Java | Selenium Screenshot Java30. How To Take Partial Screenshot in Selenium | Selenium 4 Features31. How To Scroll Down in Selenium Webdriver Java | How To Scroll Webpage in Selenium32. How To Scroll Table Vertically and Horizontally in Selenium Webdriver Java |Scroll Inside WebElement33. How To Install TestNG in Eclipse using Eclipse Marketplace | Install TestNG in Eclipse for Selenium34. First TestNG Program in Eclipse | How To Run Multiple Test Cases in TestNG without Java Compiler35. How To Run Test Cases in TestNG from xml File | Basic Structure of testng.xml file in TestNG36. How To Control Execution of Test Cases in TestNG from testng.xml File | Prioritizing the Testcases3737. TestNG Include and Exclude Methods | How to Include and Exclude Test Cases in TestNG in testng.xml38. TestNG Regular Expression REGEX | Include and Exclude Test Methods with & without Regular Expression39. Run TestNG Testcases At Packages Level | How To Add Packages To testng.xml File in TestNG Framework40. TestNG Annotations in Selenium | Before and After Method, Class, Test, Suite41. TestNG Groups in Selenium | TestNG Grouping Test Cases with Example | TestNG Group Execution42. TestNG Helper Attributes | dependsOnMethods, enabled, timeOut43. TestNG Priority Example | How To Set Priority for Test Cases in TestNG Framework44. TestNG Assertions Tutorial | TestNG Assertions in Selenium | TestNG Assert Test Pass and Fail45. Selenium TestNG Real Time Project | Selenium Maven TestNG Automation Testing Real Time Mini Project46. TestNG Parameters Annotation | Parameterizing from TestNG xml file | TestNG Parameterization47. DataProvider Annotation in TestNG | TestNG Data Provider Annotation48. TestNG Listeners in Selenium Webdriver with Example | ITestListener Interface Methods TestNG Example49. TestNG Soft Assertions with Example | TestNG Soft Assert | SoftAssert Class and assertAll() Method50. TestNG How To Do Parallel Testing | Selenium Parallel Testing TestNG | Running Tests Parallel51. TestNG Report Generation in Selenium | TestNG Reports in Selenium | How To Generate Report in TestNG52. How To Switch Windows in Selenium Java | How To Handle Window in Selenium Webdriver53. How to use Excel for getting data in Selenium Webdriver Java | Read Excel File Using Apache POI Java54. How to Read Data from Properties File in Selenium Webdriver | Read Data from Properties File in Java55. Selenium Page Object Model Framework Java | Selenium Page Object Model and Page Factory Part 156. Selenium Page Factory Model in Java with Example | Selenium Page Object Model & Page Factory Part 257. Selenium Close vs Quit | What is the difference between driver.close() & driver.quit() in WebDriver?58. How To Get Css Property Value in Selenium Webdriver Java | getCssValue() Command Selenium WebDriver59. Selenium File Upload | Selenium File Upload by sendKeys() | Selenium WebDriver Java60. Absolute vs Relative Xpath in Selenium Webdriver61. Selenium Enter Text without sendKeys | How to type in a textbox without using sendKeys()?62. Selenium Select Dropdown Value | Selenium Select Class | Selenium Webdriver Select Dropdown Java63. Selenium How To Search in Scrollable Web Table | Handle / Scroll Down WebTable in Selenium Webdriver64. Selenium Authentication Popup | How To Handle Login popup Window using Selenium Webdriver65. Selenium Broken Links | How To Find Broken Links in Selenium Webdriver JavaWho this course is for:Beginner to Automation Testing

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9 Lectures | 01:16:24
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FAQ: Udemy Free course Most frequent questions and answers

Does Udemy offer Free Udemy coupons?

Yes, Udemy is the largest online education platform, with the broadest selection of video-on-demand courses and qualified instructors available to meet your needs. At we curate the latest udemy coupons, their expiry, and the number of uses left of these udemy coupons.

How to get free Udemy courses?

There are two ways to get free Udemy courses:

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How to get Udemy Certificates for free?

Udemy offers certification on completion of each course. In order to receive a certificate of completion from Udemy, you need to complete your course 100%. There is a simple hack, you can open a video and jump on the timeline to complete a lecture.

To download the certificate from Udemy, you need to head over to your account on a desktop browser. Udemy certificates can't be accessed on the mobile app.

Do Udemy courses expire?

No, once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course. You can complete the course on your schedule.

Why are the Udemy instructors giving away free Udemy Coupons?

Every instructor has worked for hours on each of their courses. As new courses get launched, the instructors have no way to get their course in front of an audience to get some feedback. So, instructors share free coupons for their courses to get feedback from the students. We work with these instructors to get their courses available to our buddies.

Is Udemy safe to use?

Yes, payments on Udemy are safe. It is no different than paying for other services on an application or website and inputting your payment information before receiving your goods. Just be sure to keep your account secure, do not share your udemy accounts.

Can Udemy courses get you a job?

Earning a skill is more valuable than earning a job these days. Skills are your most valuable asset. They can help you qualify for jobs you want and get promoted to more advanced positions within your organization. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many people to balance taking courses with work and family obligations. We have had many students, who have taken just Udemy courses, started a job as well as started freelancing with the skills they have learned.