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Turbocharge Your C++ with Concurrency: Weekend Crash Course  | Discount Coupon for Udemy Course
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Turbocharge Your C++ with Concurrency: Weekend Crash Course | Discount Coupon for Udemy Course

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C++20, Multithreading, Concurrency, Modern C++, C++11,C++14, C++17, Parallel algorithms, Coroutines, Synchronization | Discount Coupon for Udemy Course

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Published 3/2023Course Language EnglishCourse Caption English [Auto]Course Length 01:57:37 to be exact 7057 seconds!Number of Lectures 49
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Welcome to "Turbocharge Your C++ with Concurrency: A Weekend Crash Course"! Are you a programmer who has recently learned C++ and wants to unlock the true power of modern C++ concurrency? Look no further! In just one weekend, we will help you quickly grasp the essentials of C++ concurrency and supercharge your coding skills.In this fast-paced and intensive course, we will focus exclusively on the syntax of C++ concurrency, allowing you to understand and apply the features efficiently in your own projects. We know your time is valuable, so we've carefully designed short, easy-to-follow lectures that introduce syntax and explain its usage through concise examples. This way, you'll maximize your learning experience without getting bogged down in unnecessary details.Our curriculum includes the latest C++20 features, ensuring that you are up-to-date with the most cutting-edge concurrency tools. You'll learn about coroutines, cooperative cancellation, std::jthread, semaphore, barrier, and latches. These powerful features will take your C++ skills to the next level and make you a more effective and competitive programmer in today's fast-evolving tech landscape.This course is perfect for you if you've just learned C++ and are eager to dive into the world of concurrency without spending weeks on theory and complex projects. By the end of this weekend, you'll have a solid understanding of modern C++ concurrency syntax and will be ready to apply it in real-world scenarios.So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now, and let's turbocharge your C++ skills together with this weekend's crash course!Why is Mastering Modern C++ Concurrency Features Crucial for Today's Programmers?Understanding and utilizing modern concurrency features built into the C++ language is of paramount importance in today's fast-paced, technology-driven world. As software applications and systems become increasingly complex and resource-intensive, the ability to write efficient, high-performance concurrent code is a highly sought-after skill. By learning modern C++ concurrency features, you will unlock the true potential of multicore processors, significantly improving the performance and responsiveness of your applications. This knowledge not only sets you apart as a programmer but also allows you to tackle complex, real-world problems more effectively. By investing in your skills and mastering modern C++ concurrency, you will stay ahead of the curve, becoming a valuable asset in the competitive software development landscape and opening up a world of opportunities in your career.Evolution of the C++ Memory ModelThe C++ concurrency model has evolved significantly from C++11 to C++20, introducing new language features and library components that provide more powerful and flexible support for concurrent programming. Here are some of the significant changes that have occurred:C++11: C++11 introduced the first set of language-level concurrency features, including the std::thread class for creating and managing threads, mutexes and condition variables for synchronization, and atomic types for lock-free programming. C++11 also defined the Sequential Consistency-Data Race Free (SC-DRF) memory model, which guarantees correct behavior for well-synchronized programs.C++14: C++14 introduced several improvements to the concurrency features introduced in C++11, including new constructors and member functions for std::thread, support for heterogeneous lookup in concurrent containers, and enhancements to the std::atomic template.C++17: C++17 introduced several new concurrency features and enhancements, including support for parallel algorithms in the Standard Template Library (STL), structured bindings for returning multiple values from std::thread functions, and support for shared_mutex for shared read access and exclusive write access. C++17 also introduced a new memory model that provides stronger guarantees for atomic operations.C++20: C++20 builds on the concurrency features introduced in previous language versions and adds several new features and enhancements. These include the atomic_ref class, which provides a safer way to access shared variables without the need for explicit synchronization, improvements to the memory model to reduce the need for explicit fences and barriers, and enhancements to the coroutines library that make it easier to write asynchronous code.The evolution of the C++ concurrency model from C++11 to C++20 has provided developers with a more powerful and flexible set of tools for writing efficient and correct concurrent programs. The new language features and library components introduced in each version have addressed many of the challenges and limitations of earlier versions. In addition, they have made concurrent programming in C++ more accessible and easier to use.Who this course is for:Novice C++ developers: If you've recently learned the basics of C++ programming and are eager to expand your knowledge and skills, this course is perfect for you. Our weekend crash course will quickly introduce you to the world of concurrency, allowing you to harness its power in your future projects.Self-taught programmers: For those who have learned C++ through online resources or personal projects but have not yet delved into concurrency, this course will bridge the gap. By focusing on syntax and practical examples, you'll gain a solid understanding of concurrency in modern C++ without getting lost in complex theories.Professionals transitioning to C++: If you're a programmer experienced in other languages and have recently begun working with C++, this course will help you quickly grasp C++ concurrency concepts. This knowledge will make you more efficient and versatile in your new programming environment.Busy developers seeking a quick refresher: If you have some experience with C++ but haven't worked with concurrency in a while or are unfamiliar with the latest C++20 features, this weekend crash course is an ideal way to quickly update your skills. You'll learn the most important aspects of modern C++ concurrency, enabling you to apply them immediately in your projects.

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FAQ: Udemy Free course Most frequent questions and answers

Does Udemy offer Free Udemy coupons?

Yes, Udemy is the largest online education platform, with the broadest selection of video-on-demand courses and qualified instructors available to meet your needs. At we curate the latest udemy coupons, their expiry, and the number of uses left of these udemy coupons.

How to get free Udemy courses?

There are two ways to get free Udemy courses:

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Udemy offers certification on completion of each course. In order to receive a certificate of completion from Udemy, you need to complete your course 100%. There is a simple hack, you can open a video and jump on the timeline to complete a lecture.

To download the certificate from Udemy, you need to head over to your account on a desktop browser. Udemy certificates can't be accessed on the mobile app.

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No, once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course. You can complete the course on your schedule.

Why are the Udemy instructors giving away free Udemy Coupons?

Every instructor has worked for hours on each of their courses. As new courses get launched, the instructors have no way to get their course in front of an audience to get some feedback. So, instructors share free coupons for their courses to get feedback from the students. We work with these instructors to get their courses available to our buddies.

Is Udemy safe to use?

Yes, payments on Udemy are safe. It is no different than paying for other services on an application or website and inputting your payment information before receiving your goods. Just be sure to keep your account secure, do not share your udemy accounts.

Can Udemy courses get you a job?

Earning a skill is more valuable than earning a job these days. Skills are your most valuable asset. They can help you qualify for jobs you want and get promoted to more advanced positions within your organization. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many people to balance taking courses with work and family obligations. We have had many students, who have taken just Udemy courses, started a job as well as started freelancing with the skills they have learned.